Follow your passion. It will lead to your purpose.

My ambission come from my passion, finding what I love and then expanding on that. Currently photography is my passion, the search for truth, my obsession..

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Hi, I’m Mahendri, mom blogger and chemical engineer who live in Bekasi with my awesome husband and 3 kids. Currently I working at a multinational company. In my journey to discover my passion, I found that I passionate with entrepreneurship, hypnotherapy, internet marketing, online business, blogging, vlogging, cooking, baking, trading and the last is photography. I’d like to share that journey as well as my experience as a working mom in this blog.

Ketut Mahendri

Mom Blogger

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Blog seorang ibu dari 3 orang anak yang masih bekerja. Suka belajar berbagai hal untuk menemukan passion. Pecinta photography, internet marketing, memasak dan baking. Suka berbagi ilmu yang didapat tentang internet marketing, bisnis online, resep masakan, kesehatan & photography.